Our company began its life in Japan in 2004, and our ideals and values still hold firm today.

The primary reason to pursue business for our Founder, Daein Cha, is to develop a sound, sustaining business model that allows people of all cultures and backgrounds to align and collaborate on a common goal. 


Transborders energy

FLNG in Australia

The endeavour to farm into gas resources and to commercialise these through small scale Floating Liquefied Natural Gas (FLNG) vessel and subsea wells tie-back projects is Daein Cha's third endeavour under the Transborders brand.  

The strategic reasons to pursue this business has been to

  • farm into assets when the market is distressed, and
  • find a unique concept that disrupts current industry norms and creates a unique market space  

The endeavour also utilises Daein's extensive experience and core capabilities of LNG sales, LNG business development, LNG major capital project development and multi-cultural background to

  • supply LNG (cleaner fuel than coal and oil) to markets in need of energy in Asia Pacific by unlocking the potential of stranded gas resources in Australia, and
  • contribute to all key stakeholders that will provide input and alignment for enabling these projects
Tokyo Skyline

How transborders began

As an aspiring social entrepreneur, Daein Cha came up with the name Transborders with his wife in 2004 with hopes to serve as liaison among foreign minorities in Japan (which includes Daein, as South Korean born and raised in Japan), the broader Japanese society and the world.  

Daein's aspiration is rooted from his choice to pursue business as his core discipline since his university years to help trancend borders (hence Transborders) based on his firm belief that if you have a good, sustaining business proposal, people of all cultures and backgrounds will align and collaborate on a common goal.