Transborders Energy presents at 2017 RIU Good Oil Conference

Transborders Energy (TBE) Director Daein Cha presented at the 2017 RIU – Good Oil Conference (Perth, Australia) on the topic of “Small scale Floating LNG.”

Daein Cha discussed:

“The current LNG market is over-supplied, with new projects not needed until around 2023.  However, the long-term demand for LNG is strong, with supply shortage expected from mid-2020 due to global demand growth and new LNG projects not being developed.  To take advantage of such potential opportunity, gas resource owners need to progress their resource developments now as LNG projects typically take approximately 10 years to bring online (four to five years to engineer and an additional five to six years to construct).”

“To succeed in any commodity business, being low on the cost curve is essential.  While many of our peer mega projects have attempted to pursue economies of scale as philosophy to minimise unit CAPEX per LNG produced, this objective has not eventuated for most cases.  After all, mega projects are very complex and difficult to deliver on time and on budget.”

“TBE also highlights the opportunity to develop discovered but stranded offshore gas resources as a key untapped source for which LNG can be supplied.  Within such context, TBE’s strategic value proposition is to generate a step change in industry value creation by:

  • Deploy our pre-determined low-cost small scale Floating LNG concept;
  • Select already discovered, but stranded resources, that fit our concept;
  • Implement innovative financing and commercial structures with our contracting partners;
  • Differentiate our value proposition to LNG Buyers;
  • Deliver with a small focused high calibre team; and
  • Replicate our concept on multiple resources”

The 2017 RIU - Good Oil Conference had 500 in attendance from within and outside Australia.

Transborders Energy stand at 2017 RIU Good Oil Conference

Transborders Energy stand at 2017 RIU Good Oil Conference