Transborders Energy | Announcement of Change in our Company Name and Logo

We are very proud to announce the change to our company name, logo and branding.

As of today, 11 Sep 2017, our new company name is “Transborders Energy Pty Ltd” (TBE).

Our new logo is:

Transborders Energy

TBE is an independent energy company that delivers a step change in industry value creation by farming in and deploying TBE’s predetermined low-cost small scale (≈ 1.0 million tonnes per annum production capacity) Floating Liquefied Natural Gas (FLNG) vessel and subsea wells tieback development concept. 

TBE also:

  • Implements innovative financing and commercial structures with its contracting partners; 
  • Differentiates LNG offtake value propositions to LNG Buyers; and 
  • Delivers with a small focused high calibre team.
Transborders Energy FLNG Vessel

We have kept “Transborders” as part of our new company name.  We will continue building on our ongoing aspiration to pursue sound and sustaining business opportunities as the means for people of all ages, cultures and backgrounds to transcend borders (hence Transborders), align and collaborate on a common goal. [Read Transborders Energy's story here].

The new logo has been designed to encapsulate the following traits:

  • We are a bold, innovative, collaborate and nimble company who are different from our industry peers (hence the bold and different fonts).
  • The "T" represents our aspiration to "transcend borders" (multi-national, multi-disciplinary, multi-cultural etc) for unlocking substantial value.  The T is also slightly off centre to imply that we are not afraid to be "off center" from our peers, and that our focus is to develop EUR sweet-spots (which again is a non-traditional approach and hence "off center.")    
  • We focus on offshore gas resource commercialization (hence the light blue representing the sky, the dark blue representing offshore / subsea, and the "T" the represents our FLNG SURF and wells scope)
  • We keep things simple and different.